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From Nationwide — 06/18/2010

Okay this is pretty straightforward.

First I am sorry that many of you have had negative expreiences.

Honestly this is like and unlike any other business. Agent own their own AFLAC company so of course there will be slum lords in some parts of the country - relatively speaking.

Have you ever been to an amazing McDonald's clean friendly courteous and the food was fresh. You travel some more and stop at another McDonald's only to find it smelly rude and afraid the food is crawing with bacteria?

Same concept ladies and gentlemen...there is good and bad in every person, race, religion, business. You have to take the good with the bad. If you've had a bad experience I urge you to go further up the chain to corporate.

AFLAC has a strong sense of family quality and customer service. Please contact corporate with your concerns.

As far as get what you give. If you have a poor DSC please contact corporate.

There are two types of people in this world and we need them both....leaders/business owners and followers/employees. If you're used to punching a clock and working under straight-forward guidelines then AFLAC is probably not for you. You have to be very disciplined to be a business owner.

The reason AFLAC has such a high turn over rate. Is number 1 there is more work than there are ants. So they hire frequently. AFLAC IS NOT AMWAY people lol. It is a business that gives you ownership and stock benefits.

The benefits are very enticing to people seeking employment and change.

People see the gold and not the whole perspective. Nothing of value ever came with out hard work, dedication, persistence and failure. You will have good months and bad months.

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