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3.9Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth1
Work Environment5

From Omaha, NE — 04/13/2010

This is a review on the call center job. Understand, this is a call center job you get into and that as such you are expected to be on the phones for forty hours a week. Any time not taking calls is a bonus.

Pay: Compared to other call center jobs, the pay is really good and really steady. You get decent salary and a set income so you can always pay the bills.

Respect: The company respects you if you respect it. Show up on time, do your job to the best of your abilities and you will be fine. Show up late and spend half the day text messaging and you are gone.

Benefits: This used to be a big negative, but the company listened and changed major medical providers. They now rank near the top for phone agents in the metro.

Job Security: They don't lie off and they don't fire for no reason. Unlike some of the other call center jobs, you go into work each day knowing you have a job.

Work/Life Balance: There is very little mandatory overtime. They also offer multiple schedule options including flex hours.

Career Potential/Growth: Unless by some fluke one of the leads or supervisors were to quit, there is zero room for growth. There are specialty teams you can promote to, but nobody ever leaves those. Be prepared to be a phone rep for the long haul.

Location: Not a bad location, it is near the interstate. A nicer building would be cool, but it isn't bad.

Co-Worker Competence: Better then your coworkers at a call center company, but they are still phone reps. Some are good some are bad. It is what it is. With new training and software you find yourself cleaning up others mistakes a lot less then you used to.

Work Environment: There is an employee lounge, frequent festivals for various things. Several times a year they bring music in to lighten the mood. There are committees you can join. It is a fairly interactive workplace if you want. They will also leave you alone if you want.

As someone that has worked for many of the call center companies in Omaha, you can't do wrong with Aflac. If you are willing to work they are ready to take care of you.
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