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From Omaha, Nebraska — 03/29/2010

I was recruited to Aflac like many of you have been. I made sure that I researched the opportunity in depth. I am now starting my 11th year and could not even imagine doing anything else. I started as an associate (which is where everyone starts), was promoted after 2 years to a District Sales Coordinator and then approximately 5 years ago was promoted to a Regional Sales Coordinator where I have the pleasure of sharing this opportunity with others. The benefits that we offer are very easy to comprehend and discuss with potential policyholders so the learning curve is short. What's left then? Your commitment to walking out your door everyday 5 days a week and bring the "passion" to your prospective clients so that when they call you and were just diagnosed with a serious injury or illness and need CASH that health insurance does not provide, we can be there to help them keep their head above water. If you are considering a career with Aflac you need to realize that a majority of the bankruptcies in the US were not because families did not have health insurance-they didn't have income. THAT IS WHAT AFLAC PROVIDES! Simple as that. So by calling on small businesses or speaking with your neighbor YOU can potentially be one of the most important individuals that they ever meet because of what we do. Now if that is not a career to get excited about, I don't know what is. Sure you have to work hard everyday, but shouldn't you do that at any career-err.. job?
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