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From Nebraska — 03/29/2010

Wow, I'm impressed by this website and as a Recruiter for AFLAC, it has really opened my eyes to what people really think about our company and our business model.

I will say this: Yes, we have a lot of people come and go, however, many of them explain during the interview process that they have the skillset that we are looking for:
1. The ability to run and manage their own schedule
2. Higher than average organizational skills
3. A zest for talking to people and building relationships
4. Being a quick learner
Let's face it, it's not too difficult to get through an interview process; Anyone can look good on a resume.

Here at AFLAC Nebraska, we have taken some significant changes in making sure that we are more carefully selecting candidates for this position that fit the above criteria and sometimes, the candidates that I think will have the most success, fail the fastest simply because they can't go to work.
95% of the time someone fails in our business is because they fail to "accept ownership" in what they are doing. We are all running our own businesses with the support of a team behind us. I truly feel like if I can make it in this business, anyone can. I was not a Straight-A student, but I was a hard-worker that loved talking to people and I couldn't stand being in an office during the day so for me this was the perfect match for what I was looking for.
I wouldn't recommend this career to anyone that is comfortable working 9-5 at a steady pace for a steady paycheck. However, I would recommend this career to anyone that was willing to go to work for something better: Family Life, Income, Business Ownership and Responsibility.
In an age of Instant Gratification, too many people feel like they are "owed" something. Not enough people are willing to work to get it anymore: Look at our card debt, government bailouts, etc..Now the government is gonna take more money from us to pay for health insurance for people that can't afford it....please.
THIS CAREER IS ALL ABOUT THE AMERICAN DREAM: It's survival of the fittest and the opportunity to run and manage your own business.
Sometimes the truth hurts but if you didn't succeed in this business, is it because "you weren't trained?"....I doubt it. This is a very easy business to learn and AFLAC provides all of the tools, tests, at your convenience.
Or, did you fail at this business because you couldn't get out of bed at 8 in the morning? Maybe you were busy driving your kids around running errands, maybe you were playing golf or laying out by the pool at 2 in afternoon when the rest of the country was at work.

LIFE ISN'T FAIR BUT I TRULY BELIEVE YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE. That's the AFLAC Business Model: You will get out of it exactly what you put into it.

If you're interested in a great career, I encourage you to go to AFLAC 100%. But, you have to go to Work...literally.
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