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From Racine, WI — 03/12/2010

I've been reading a lot of these reviews and I feel the need to throw in my two cents. I was just hired by Aflac, literally yesterday. I was never promised six figures in three years. In fact, I was given the distinct impression that I would NOT make six figures in three years. Did it sound too good to be true? Yes. So, I asked. You know what the guy who hired me said? The only catch is you HAVE to work, and work hard. I didn't get a runaround. I got, what I now see, is the truth. If I'm willing to work my bum off, I can succeed. And you know what? I'm not at all scared to make a small amount of money now in order to have the life I want in the future. I can't say for certain, yet, but it seems to me those of you who are griping about how much the company hates you are the kind of people who should never have been hired in the first place. That's not specifically an Aflac issue. Everyday people get hired for jobs that aren't a good fit. It happens. I arrived at my interview ten minutes early, in a suit. I took notes and sent a Thank You card before the post office closed that day. I got called back for a second interview in less than 24 hours. And, guess what? I have every intention of working just as hard to get customers. The fact is, Aflac is a good product with a rather impressive incentive package for it's employees, but you have to be willing to work. I am. So, two years from now, when I'm happy as a clam, I'll be back to talk about that too.
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