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From Columbus GA — 02/06/2010

Alright, now I know that this job is not for everyone but I don't just blame the DSC/RSC or Aflac for bringing all these people onboard. The blame goes to WALLSTREET and the stock holders of the company! They DEMAND that Aflac recruit more and more people everyday. In their eyes, the more recruits, the more money! It's called GREED!! I think that this will turn around soon because the company can not continue on this course. There is a proplem!

Now for the job. You will NEVER find another company that will take you from 0 to hero better/faster than Aflac! When I started over 10 years ago, I was a very average guy making $25,000 a year in a dead end job.

Being in the 5% top income earning in America now proves that Aflac is FOR REAL! I didn't have to screw anyone, take advantage of anyone, lie to anyone etc. I just had to WORK HARD FOR IT!

With that said, if your broke NOW, have a family to support, do not have a positive attitude, DO NOT START WITH AFLAC!!!!! It's very tough out there! However, if your single or fresh out of college looking for sales experience or you have money put back and a good attitude ready to grow your business, THIS IS FOR YOU.

1st year you'll make from 15k-25k on average. Don't worry, the money get's better as you grow. My 2nd year I made $48,000 and 3rd year around $80,000. Market sucks with too many agents running around but you will get a group here and there.The good news is, you will get better at it with practice and there are more new businesses opening in the US everyday. There will always be a new customer for you.

Hope this helps
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