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From michigan — 01/30/2010

I have read the reviews and obviously the reviews are based on how someone did at Aflac. Those having made it several years love it cause they are making more money than they ever thought they could make and have renewals coming in and they have freedom of schedule. Those that did make it out of their first year are upset cause they made less money then they thought and probably invested more time and resource then results. Well the insurance industry is tough but you get into it because you want to be around long term. Join aflac only if you are intending to be with the company along time and do the work to get there, want to be self employed and feel like you have a manager that will acutally work with you and train you. If you want it then go for it. I struggled having never been in sales but I DID NOT GIVE UP. Try this for worse case scenario in terms of performance level combined with a commitment to staying long term. I have been with aflac for 13 years now, here are my annual income levels by year: 7,000 (yes I struggled but keep reading), 19,000, 38,000, 67,000, 98,000, 105,000, 120,000, 175,000, 240,000 (included a 80k bonus), 205,000 180,000, 180,000 , 150k. Did my income go down, yes I eventually became a regional manager and moved to take over a smaller region and am growing it so my incmoe will rebound ths year. Numerous trips, rewards stock and promotional opps and the best part is I am fully vented in renwals. I can leave aflac today and I am still getting paid nearly 100k a year., wihout even having to work for them.

How can people trash aflac? Trash the manager the hired you , trash your work ethic or trash your desire to this career but Aflac is great and more importantly we offer plans that make a difference in people lives. If you don't know the benefits of an aflac career or aflac policies, you don't know quack.
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