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From IN — 11/17/2009

I just ended my 13 month stay with Aflac. When I say ended, I mean I'm not cold calling anymore. I'm not sure where others are from, but this market is saturated with Aflac.
I have a problem with many things. In no particular order:
1. Too many agents with no sales experience opening a few accounts, leaving the company, and not servicing the account. This looks very bad on Aflac.
2. 0 leads given. It's 100% cold calling, which is okay, except there are over 60,000 agents doing the same thing. Millions of dollars spent on ads giving out the phone number to millions of businesses, and no leads. Makes no sense.
3. Many small businesses use Quickbooks for their accounting needs. There is such a high saturation with Aflac products that Quickbooks has an Aflac tab. Enough said.
4. Training. You are not trained enough on the products, or the inner workings of Aflac. You're trained on one thing---the script. It's funny...they actually give you an answer to the objection of the business owner who says "you're the 5th Aflac person we've seen this month." Does that tell you anything?
5. The number one thing they tell you is you are your own boss and can set your own hours. Then out of the other side of their mouth is you have to work a lot of hours to be successful. I understand about working hard, I've done that my whole life, but they have the most innefficient system around.
6. Not family oriented.
7. Be prepared to run into existing account after existing account, and wasting your cold calling time by doing this. They could eliminate this easily if they just produced an existing account list.
8. Brokers hate Aflac, which is why such a tiny percentage of their business comes from brokers. Brokers control the big business' insurance decisions.
9. They do hire anybody. I've been there over a year and know of very few truly successful agents. There are a lot of agents who make about 20k after taxes, a few that make more, and a lot that make less. And you have to pay for everything, including $2,500 laptops.
They have a formula based on how many calls made, appts. set, employees seen...all to project income. The problem is that formula is old. They don't take into account how many existing accounts you will encounter. Plan on opening a lot of 3 person accounts where you write $1,000 in premium, make $350 before taxes and expenses, and take two weeks to do it, then hope the account pays its invoice.
I laugh at the comments reading if you want it, it's there. All you have to do is work hard. I've been in sales 16 years, I know how to sell.
I personally can't reccommend anyone work for them unless they had strong relationship with some PEO's who can funnel you business without cold calling. This is truly the only way to make a decent living without making 200 cold calls a week, and I don't mean on the phone.
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