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From Columbus, Georgia — 08/18/2009

I am an Aflac Headquarters Employee. I have been with Aflac for almost 4 years. I love the company. The people who write the negative reviews are either lazy, misinformed, or both. If an agent needs help -our call center is open from 8am-8pm Eastern, daily. I had to rate my co-worker competence down by 1 point, because like in every business you have one or two people who don't know what they're doing (but they usually get fired if they don't learn). I consider that fair. Please believe me when I say that if you speak to a call center representative we have received MONTHS of training- which includes hands-on training. If you speak to a representative that can help you in more than one area- such as Claims and Primary and Agent's Accounting- you can rest assured that the individual has 1)been with the company for a while , 2) knows their stuff!

That being said- Aflac is not perfect. No company is perfect. No employee is perfect. No agent is perfect. We all make mistakes. We take in and respond to hundreds of thousands of requests daily. We do care about our clients and we try to genuinely help them as much as possible. If a claims adjuster misses a benefit, they probably just did not see that information listed on the claim form- or the information was in an odd place. Claims processing specialists see thousands of claims a week- and the information is usually universally listed in a few places. If there is a mistake, Aflac is quick to correct this mistake. We strive to be as quick and as accurate as possible. Over the past year and a half we have had 0 blockage in the call center. What does that mean? It means that when you call- you might get placed on hold - but you won't ever get a busy signal! (This is a hard thing to accomplish- this is done daily w/ teamwork internally. Our call center employees decided to take on more calls daily to make the agent's and customer's lives easier). We might work in an office environment, but that doesn't mean that our job is less challenging than a field force agent. We spend most of our time training people- either agents/policyholders how to file documents- or telling business accounts how to access our user-friendly online service.

To the agents who are just complaining- believe me- I would not prosper in a sales job- but it's not Aflac's fault if you don't produce. It's YOUR OWN fault. You make your own business. If you don't understand something - by all means ask headquarters! We are here to HELP YOU.

If an account is "AFLAC H.Q."-ed into another agent's hierarchy - this is done by our marketing department because the account has requested an agent change, or because the current agent is no longer w/ the company 9 times out of 10.

Here are my other breakdowns: Respect- We earned it, we give it. It's a win-win situation.
Benefits: We are well-provided for with both Major Medical options, fun perks, 401k plans, Aflac policy options, gym membership options- we have our own classifieds, we get a lot of corporate discounts- and we even have an Employee Appreciation Week annually. (Not to mention yearly bonus! Yay!)
Job Security: Aflac has NEVER laid off a single HQ employee since the business was opened over 50 years ago. My job is safe as long as I report to work when I'm supposed to and I follow the rules.
Work/Life Balance: I have no take home responsibilities. I can keep my work and my life separate. Go in to work and if I help at least one person I'm a happy camper. Go home and don't think about work until the next morning.
Career Potiential/ Growth- I moved up in the company 2x in my first year and a half. You can move up quickly if you are smart and you can retain a lot of information.
Location: I live in the city where I work- Columbus GA is the 2nd largest city in the state. I love it here.
Co-Worker Competence: I work with a BUNCH of great people. No one fights. We are truly one team,- with one goal: assisting as many people as possible when they need us the most.
Work Environment: A++++, I have never been scared to report to work. I love my co-workers and many are good friends.

I would not trade this experience for anything in the whole world if it all ended tomorrow.

This is a job in which you truly can help people every day. The job is very meaningful and most of the policies are good, solid coverage. The few policies that we have that I do not recommend were good efforts, with good intentions, but they just weren't enough. (There are only 2 out of about 25 that I would not recommend).

Sales agents: It's all about attitude and drive. If you think you can succeed- you will. You have to go the extra mile. We can't hold your hand forever.
It's okay if you try it and you don't like it, at least you have the experience of a Fortune 200 company to put on your resume'. Look on the bright side every once in a while.
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