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From St. Louis, MO — 08/03/2009

Sales isnt always sales. You need a good product and the support to back it up. However, you can have the best product and support in the world, but if you don't have the work ethic and skills to market it, you will more than likely fail. If you do fail, who is the easiest to blame? I have seen many come and go in the sales business. I have NEVER seen someone work Aflac professionally as a 8-5 job and fail...never.
The support from my management team has always been strong. I have seen very few managers who are more concerned about themselves than their team. A manager works for bonus. The only way that a manager can see success is if the people on his team are successful. Don't get me wrong, Aflac has some jerks, just like all companies, but I have worked with very few jerks (which seems to be the exception in sales).

Benefits would be nice, but as a contracted employee, health benefits are nil. But, my income is over double many of my grad school classmates, I travel often, my wife stays at home with the kids, and I see every little league game that I want...those are good benefits.
Career and Growth potential is what you make of it. My 1st boss retired last year at 35, I know others who have been around for 30 years. Some choose mangement, some don't. Some choose to relocate, some don't.
I like the vast majority of all of the people that I work with. Those that I don't care for, I don't hang around. I consider many of my co-workers close friends.

Some say that Aflac will hire anyone. To a certain extent, that is true. If someone has a good attitude and work ethic, they can do great with a company like Aflac. Education, experience and who you know seem to have very little influence on success. I grew up on a farm, worked my way through college doing construction. Thank you Aflac for hiring 'anyone', the opportunities that this company has provided have been great. Because of Aflac, I am able to help a lot of people, my kids will go to a better college, and it will even impact my grandchildren.
Simply because someone thought that the 'farm boy' deserved a chance.tfunk
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