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From Marshall, MN — 07/27/2009

Okay so I've only just begun and one could easily argue that I since I have a very limit depth of exposure that I'm just naive or brainwashed as some would assert. Based on that let me back up a few feet and break it down in general. Sales is sales and, as such, it is what you make of it. If you're a worker and you're willing to not just put in the hours but put in 'smart' hours and think creatively about how to market yourself as well as not rely on another other person other than the fool looking back in the mirror, then regardless of what sales job you get into or where you are located you will do alright. If anyone was naive it was all the other reviewers who bought into the BS about unlimited income potential and making huge in their first year (or two for that matter) with only a little bit of effort. Shame on all of you and you deserve the mindless corporate job you may get.

I've ran my own business on the side for years while working other corporate jobs and nothing is more rewarding than landing the next deal, then being given the opportunity to deliver on all the promises you made and then get paid for it. The same can be said of Aflac or any other sales job (well maybe not car sales where you're resticted to the car lot).

From experience I would strongly suggest that anyone who plans on getting into sales first take a long hard look in the mirror and slap themselves awake, get the dollar signs out of their eyes and ask themselves (1) am I willing to struggle for several years while I master the product, the clientele as well as learn the techniques necessary to sell this product; (2) am I willing to struggle while I am committed to not sacrifice the content of my character in order to land a sale (there's enough sales sleaze-balls out there giving the rest of us a bad name) and (3) am I willing to struggle even when times are good (I know this sounds like a contradiction but anyone who has actually been in sales or owned their own business knows how one good month can mean three months of nothing because you put all your effort into one deal or let up when they handed you your first $80,000 commission check).

Bottom-line: quite whining about sales because you never gave it a substantial or worthwhile shot. Like life, sales is what you make of it and if your content with just getting by, then sales isn't for you.
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