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From Everett WA — 04/03/2008

Sound like some of you were looking for a JOB. At Aflac you are your own business person. This is a no brainer folks. I have been a licensed Aflac agent for 5 weeks and have earned in excess of $3,600. After reading these comments, I just can not see anything that makes any sense of what some of you are saying. We have a training program called "full throttle" I have excellent training, a fantastic DSC and RSC team to work with. The best pay plan in the industry, tons of free marketing material and a near perfect support system. Is it easy? In the beginning its tough, like anything there is a learning curve, however if you follow the program and do not try to re-invent the wheel, you will be successful. I would strongly suggest to anyone who is considering Aflac, to ask questions and make sure you understand what your DSC and RSC are will to do to get you up and running. Aflac is a tremendous opportunity if you are willing to work at it. Sounds like maybe some of you either have not committed or maybe you need to find a new District to work with. You make it what you want. Sow the seeds & Reep the Profit from what you put into it. If you want some one to just hand you a check...thats a job. If you can follow a proven system and have endurance, Aflac is for you. Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit!
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