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From High Point , NC — 06/20/2008

I work for AWCA in High Point and am surprised at the comments previously given. I have found that if you are doing your job and meeting your metrics, then you can advance to any position within the organization. It is my understanding that you have to be meeting your 2% error rate to be promoted. Sounds to me like those complaining are the ones not meeting their goals. Those are usually the ones that scream the loudest. I love working for AWCA. The management staff is not perfect, but who is? They do treat you with respect and courtesy. They go out of their way to give you the training and things you need to do your job. Every job has a level of stress, but this one is minimal. Unless you are not doing what you should be doing. In that case I can understand you being stressed. I have found that the superviosr and team leads are very willing to listen if you go to them and ask for help or guidance.

As for the team lead that left, does anyone really know the whole story ? Maybe they weren't doing their job, may be they just didn't like being a team lead. Not everyone is cut out to be a leader. How can someone make accusations without justification.

I say if people are that miserable at work, then they need to find another job. Stop whining and do your job or leave.
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