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From Michigan — 06/24/2010

Ive worked for the company for ten years ,and have worked with many managers,The newest one came to my store and seems to have nothing to do but try to get me fired.Ive been an assistant for about seven years and have had a pretty good track record with the company.Then the new manager comes and every change he gets he finds some reason to get rid of me.The DM doesnt seem to care at all about my many years of good service,and lets this continue.They hire bodies to do jobs not competent people,this stresses out the few people that are really able to do the job.I enjoy working with my customers and used to enjoy the job but now with the new manager it almost doesnt seem worth it.My store has been going down hill for the past three years but again the DM doesnt seem to care.They always have some new way to try to get the customers money but they dont have a clue what is happening in there stores.Maybe they just dont care.
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