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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Austin, Tx — 01/07/2010

Now, I know that working at advance auto parts has it's up's and down's but, I really enjoy my job. I'll admit there are days when some things at work bother me but that's very rarely. I think it really comes down to the store manager. In my district, our dm hardly ever gives us many problems. Our gm tries to do everything to the best of his abilities and looks to learn from and teach to his 1st assistant, rpp, cpp, and myself. The reason i happily take pride in working here at advance is mostly due to the fact that Ive also worked for the competitor and ill tell you its so less stressful working here than at autozone. My first time around i had a great gm until he took a step down and he was replaced by someone who was, as my co workers agreed, a little unfit for the job. Being part knowledgable and customer friendly is two huge differences. I'll admit I left because i felt that there was no oppurtunity for any kind of advancement but after being at autozone for 9 months, i get a call from my current gm asking if i could come back because he was looking for a 2nd assistant/hey holder. This time around ive seen a huge impact through management and i havea huge amount of respect for the way the store is run. I guess it really just is who runs things. As for work/life balance, i couldnt be happier. My gm is as far as it will get to days off, scheduling preffered days as long as he gets a good enough notice. Work enviroment, i hear many good things from our customers about how we all seem to be happy workers and how they love walking in to our store and always feel like we all want to help. As for job security, with our store we never really have to feel worried. If we do our work and want to be there, we are there. its simple.
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