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From ON — 10/15/2009

ADP Canada was a fair organization to work for until 2 years ago when the US parent took over much of IT operational functions (the utility model). The culture has since been full of deep mistrust. This has been caused by significant job reductions, cancellation of annual employee survey (Q12), cancellation of annual raise (2009 at least), reduction in bonus to approx 50% of prior years. The current economy downturn has greatly magnified the distrust ...especially with much offshoring of draining from Canada to the US, from the US to India.....nearly every department seems to be involved with sending something to India....literally.

All in all, ADP is not a good employer anymore. It's actions are dictated by the greedy board/shareholders.
It's futue is very bleak and is probably ripe for a takeover/merger with another payroll firm.
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