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From California — 07/03/2009

I work in SBS somewhere in California. I will not be specific as I am sure if I did my identity would easily be revealed. I am a sales administrator and work in a sales only satellite office. I have been with ADP almost 5 years. I was happy with the company until the last couple years. I feel that we as administrators are expected to know and do so much but are very underpaid. I have NEVER received a raise but only the cost of living raises except for this year. This has made it very tough on me with the way this economy has been and higher prices on everything. They offer good benefits but are really expensive and have continued to go up each year.
Our work load has continued to grow and most of the time we work through our lunches. When we try to request overtime for this, they tell us we should have taken a lunch. If they want some of the hot projects completed on time it would be impossible not to work through lunch. I am sick of working for free. One nice benefit is that they do offer tuition reimbursement but not close enough to pay it all. I went back to school, finished and received my Bachelor's degree almost a year ago. All I got was "good job" and no help with trying to find any other positions within the company. As mentioned before NO RAISE.
ADP is all about sales. They care so much about the sales representatives and nobody else. We as the administrators sit in the background with very little recognition. The sales reps are taken out for happy hours, team building events, and get gifts and extra bonuses just for doing their job. We get NOTHING for doing our jobs. The sales reps would not be able to function or do a lot of the things they do if it was not for us. Our office is like a day care center. They whine to us and we have to stop with what we are doing and meet their every need. The only time we receive any recognition is at Christmas, Administrative Professional Day, and MAYBE our birthday.
The upper management does not care for us at all. When our division vice president comes to visit our office, he does not say a word to us or ask us how we are doing. He just walks by our desk with his head up in silence. We are like dirt to him. He may be just like all those that run the company in NJ because I definitely can tell he is from the East Coast.
Now that it has been almost a year since receiving my degree, I continue to search for another job. I am thankful I have a job right now in this economy but can't wait to leave.I did not mention that my boss has no respect for me either. I can tell from his expressions that I am stupid and incompetant. I can't wait until my days are over with ADP. I also always thought I would recommend ADP to others for their payroll products, but after reading many of the other reviews I am not so sure now!
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