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Job Security1
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From CA — 05/09/2009

Well- Salary is decent when you are just starting your career (38k and $525 millage and cell phone untaxed incentve- about $3500 month gross)
Respect was good, but I am the type of individual that you don't want to disrespect, so maybe thats why I can say it was good and since I am a male.
Benefits were decent, as I spent less on Kaiser working for my previous company.
Job security is terrible. You can get fire, laid off, and you will never know it's coming, even if you are performing well. As for me, along with many others, I worked there for under 6 months and was laid off. The worst part about it was that I left a steady job to work for ADP and they let me go to where now I am unemployed at the worst time of the century and have to job search all over again.
On the contrary, work life balance worked for me. I enjoyed having the freedom to be out of an office. Work environment was good; I liked mostly all of my associates, plus my manager was excellent. Location was cool since they kept me in places that weren't too far to drive to. Co-worker competence: There was a few times where I would notice how immature some of the managers would act. They would make jokes during weekly meetings, as if they were still in grade school and lacked the maturity to pay attention. Grow up. If you plan to work for ADP--it is a good company, but always be prepared to look for work, regardless of how successful you are (network-keep those relationships), career growth looked positive (I didnt have a chance to experience it), however, every thing is based on how well of a performer you are when it comes to anything in this company, especially career growth (every company is like that). Great place to begin a career, you'll get a lot of respect from other employers if you do well here.
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