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4.5Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Elk Grove Village, Illinois — 03/24/2009

First off, it really depends on what area you are planning on going into. ADP offers many different services and each service has different departments with different experiences. The one I am commenting on is for the benefits implementation area.

Pay - Above average and better than most of the competition

Respect - Much like anywhere you go, you need to prove yourself

Benefits - They good be a better than what is offered, decent medical and dental and pretty good vision plan.

Job Security - More work than we can handle at the moment, so job security seems pretty locked up

Work/Life balance - As long as you stay on track and do your work, you should not have to work much overtime, and the reason why I say much overtime is because compared to my last job where I would work 70+ hrs regularly, working a MAX of 50 hrs once in a while is not that bad.

Career potential / growth - Offer courses and additional trainings to better your knowledge to help you grow into better positions

Location - Excellent, many associates are being offered to work from home on a regular basis

Co-worker competence - Again this depends on what department you go to, the department I work in, I feel that the people around me are competent and willing to help

Work Environment - Working from home full time, so the environment is great! Less stress during the 10 ft commute
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