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From FL — 09/24/2008

This is my 3rd year at ADP. I started right out of college and this is my first "real" job. I decided to write a real review based on a lot of things people are saying. Everything I'm saying is the truth. Believe me I don't live and breath corporate America but ADP is a solid company.

100% True, there is a ton of turnover in first year associates in SBS. Any sales job is going to have that but I personally have never seen anyone get fired for not performing. They want to develop their people, but if you don't sell you don't make good money. I started at 34k my first year base salary, 3% match 401k, and I got a company car which they have since done away with (replace with $550/mo expense act). I finished above quota my first year, which was actually only about 8.5 months. I made about 60k, not bad for a partial year.

For my mediocre performance (slightly above quota) they raised my salary by 6k to 40k at the beginning of the year. My second year I achieved presidents club. Building the pipeline the first year allowed me to get more business with a similar effort. Getting the hang of the product and competition takes time as well. I went on 3 trips paid for by ADP at really nice resorts. Cancun, Peurto Rico, and most recently Hawaii. I don't want to say exactly what I made but I will say it was in the 6 figures.

You can choose to not work, sit at home and collect salary. You will hate life b/c every week during roll call you are constantly rolling donuts. If you don't do anything to change that you end up a statistic. Don't get me wrong I questioned myself and my career plenty of times. Some days you have it and some days you don't. It's an emotional game, but if you do good there are tons of opportunities. I have seen just as many people be successful and make great money as I have seen people leave the company. They want you to stay. They create new opportunities and promote people all the time.

In SBS you network with accountants and ADP has partnerships with many large banks you can work with to get into businesses and leverage the relationship. Much better than most first year sales jobs where you make 40 calls and knock 40 doors everyday to get business.

ADP is financially secure, your job is secure, there are tons of opportunities for sales rep for those who work. That's pretty big in today's economy. For the most part, the problems is too many people get comfortable being average, they hate life b/c they aren't selling but if you put them in any other outside sales position they couldn't sell there either.

I'm now in year 3. My salary is well over 50k I'll say that and my W2 is already over a 100k and its Sept. I would say across the country the average 1st year rep does make about 45k and 2nd year make about 60k+.

All I can say to those looking at ADP or sales in general. Don't get in sales if you plan to being average...
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