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Job Security5
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From Buena Park, Californ — 04/15/2008

I've been with ADP Client Services for close to a year. Like my ratings the pay is decent and not bad and the job security so far is great. I was making more money than I did in my last job and ADP does have benefits. It's not that bad and these days I'm glad I have a job. ADP seems to have a really good reputation but I sometimes wonder about the people they hire.

In client services we are suppose to help the client with any issues but after a while I feel bad because we stop caring. Wonder why? like most of you we get call after call and Its understandable but we try to have time off to work and follow up with our clients and we can't. Isn't that bad customer service? I've heard complaints and complaints from angry clients about not following up and the managers are just doing their jobs but it doesnt work out. We are not judged by the great work we do or great service we give(for the most part). We are judge by numbers. How we come in and out of work and how long our hold time and talk time is. That is all they care about and its understandable its necessary to manage a call center but they dont want to pay the extra time or give us extra time to follow up with the client.

ADP is great and Im just venting. There are worse jobs out there and im fortunate. But honestly it feels like as long as I give them my numbers that's all that matters and I've done it and they appreciate me for it. When I ask them for extra time to follow up with a client to give great service and resolve their issues they dont care. Most of the time overtime cannot be approved. Basically if I don't talk much and have angry clients but my numbers are great thats all the truly matters. And well I really try to give a damn but sometimes its hard because you have to think about yourself. I sometimes tell the client I cannot do the work on time or can't call them back because I have too much work. You HAVE to control your work and not let it stress you out! Its not worth it!! I've dropped the ball plenty of times and I'm here thinking I'm going to get in trouble by management but they just pass the buck and a manager steps in to fix a super escalated issues and that's it. I try to give a damn but most people in client services just don't.

What can one person do? You have to look out for yourself. Basically all we are expected to do is deal with the client as soon as possible and get them off the phone. Simple as that. Nobody cares about giving you extra time to follow up with them. If they truly cared they would of provided time for us to do that but that isn't done.

ADP is a great place to work because its hard to find jobs these days with at least some job security(for the most part) and decent pay and benefits. At least where I live. In my department they say they care about the employee but they just need bodies on the floor and that's pretty much it.
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