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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Clifton, NJ — 01/25/2008

The company provides excellent job security which is a good thing. The HR director basically said that the region would never fire someone, the company would simply pile on enough work so the individual would feel overwhelmed and quit. However, this location is the same as others, if you kiss ass you have a bright future. The company is super cheap, no Christmas party, the bonus is JOKE, and the raises sucks. The managers won't promote you off of your hard work, you have to be a favorite and if you push too hard, they make you pay for it by overwhelming you with teach you a lesson. You literally work 7 days a week doing work that accountants and managers are doing for a good $30,000 less. In fact you can get at least $15,000 increase automatically by leaving and going somewhere else to work. That place sucks and i'm happy i left.
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