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From Fort Myers, FL — 12/10/2007

I am actually going to add a positive comment on this company. ADP is great. You won't find a company out there that cares about its employees as much. Management really makes an impression on employees and the management team in South Florida is impeccable. You are a lucky person if you get a role with this organization. For those that don't have positive feedback it may be because of the management you were working under. I've seen the corporate culture work under great management and there is no better place to work. For those that commented on the sales roles, you are right, if you don't work or don't have prior experience in sales, an Outside Sales role with ADP is not for you and I don't think this is your place to start your sales career. Get experience first and then come to ADP. The work-life balance is unbelievable. It is night and day to what I am used to. Benefits are great, but high priced. ADP does run on a slim budget in the offices, but you will be taken care of as a sales rep....laptop, car allowance, phone allowance, training and support. The thing is you make your own success in any role and with ADP you can be your own worst enemy or if you are willpowered and focused you are going to have a bright future with this company.
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