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From new york city — 09/09/2007

I have to say I've been with Adecco for around 2 years after getting laid off from a job. It's true you need to live a different lifestyle if you decide you want to start freelancing. I work in IT. I have very little in the way of bills (except for a school loan) No car,( I work in NYC, public transport all the way). But I think you have to USE Adecco in the same way they USE you. I try and turn it around and make it all work for me, because believe me, Adecco is out only for their own best interest.

1st secure a good rate before taking on an assignment! The longer you work with them and the more competant you are in your field the more you can demand an hour. IF you consistanly go in and do good work for thier clients and leave an assignment on good terms you will have your recruiter in your hands as they'll always look for you when they have an assignment. Read the handbook COMPLETELY! Adecco recruiters most of the time will not tell you of benifits you have or things like overtime etc. YES you are el;igible for unemployment if you are under Adecco and not on an assignment. ( look at your pay check stub) Of course you have to read the manual because they won't tell you that. Use them to your advantage. Get what you can out of it and move on when your ready.
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