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From US — 02/28/2007

I am an Adecco employee and I will start by stating that Adecco was my stepping stone in which I was placed at my first office job at 18. I had no experience and was happy that they entrusted me young butt to their precious clients (as you all claim). As with any business, Adecco is providing a service to their clients (the companies). You, me, and the rest that are or have needed a quick fix to unemployment, etc walk in there and request placement. We are the service that Adecco is supplying to their clients. YOU are representing Adecco and if YOU are not sucessful YOU affect the company reputation and product "gone wrong". I'd return anything that did not service my needs. It's a catch 22. You only get what you command. You go in somewhere and carry yourself like a "temp" you'll be treated as such. I do know places that treat their temps like crap. My suggestion, leave this assignment. If you are looking to work somewhere with a hope of becoming permanent. Request an assignment with a co. who is not requesting a "bulk supply" of temps. There is most likely an opportunity awaiting if you do well (it was for me). Finally, companies request temps for many reasons and rightfully so. There is a need, there is work, and there is a risk. Wouldn't you rather try your product before being "stuck" with it. And the stigma of temps being crappy exist for a reason. Because they actually turn out to be crappy. Don't contribute to the stigma by blaming the company who has placed you. Show the client that you have ethic, integrity, and have no shame in being a temp. If you look down on yourself others are surely to do the same.
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