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From Anywhere, any state — 01/29/2010

I worked at ACS for 18 months. Because of the SBU management structure every group at ACS will have a different experience. It really comes down to 1. the price they charge the client for services. ACS does a great job of winning business based on getting to the low price first, and two; How aggressively your SBU manager wants to make and exceed his P&L goals. If he/she is willing to accept huge turnover because he drives her/his people relentlessly to keep costs down you will most likely have a bad experience. However if you luck into an SBU that has a client that is a bit more willing to pay for qualtiy, and an SBU manager that takes a longer term view (if the contract length with the client allows for that) of P&L your experience will be much better. However be forwarned, in this market almost all ACS clients are looking for lower and lower costs. If ACS does not provide, the client will go elsewhere. Unfortunate fact of life. I do completely understand some of the very low ratings given by production employess past and present.
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