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From Lexington, KY — 09/21/2009

"One ACS"... this was our company motto a few years ago, but whoever was responsible for the maintenance of this campaign must have been fired or their job was sent to India because there is no "One ACS" attitude coming from corporate headquarters. It's "kill or be killed" and "every man for himself". When I first started here over five years ago it was not like that, but since then, I've seen apx. 30 people get fired or leave because they didn't want to wait around for it to happen. There are roughly 100 of us left, and we are all under the assumption it is just a matter of time we'll be let go because our jobs will be moved overseas OR the positions will be elminated altogether.

What is truly sad is that the work atmosphere here in our building is great. For the most part, everyone gets along and works hard. The majority of the employees in this building are college grad professional-level people who work hard and take ownership of their jobs. The problem comes from Dallas corporate headquarters. What a mess! Constant in-fighting, bickering, blame-game bull! Corporate are complete control freaks - even if the plan works and makes profit, they'll want to change it into a sure-fail situation. Self sabotage ideaology. ACS is not a good monetary investment, nor a good employment investment, unless you want to worry about being fired EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE. Not a healthy way to live.
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