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From Tallahassee, FL — 09/14/2009

I have worked for ACS for over 10 years. I started as a temp employee in the call center. I've work a variety of positions including reporting to executive leadership. This company is the same as any other large multi-national conglomerate. Some divisions are great to work for and others are not. This is due to different companies being bought by ACS.

The pay used to be significantly less than EDS which is our primary competitor. However, EDS has gone through a series of pay cuts now making ACS competitive. Piece rate pay scales for front-line employees are different. 80% of folks make more than a competitor would pay at an hourly rate for the same job. However 20% make less; some even make minimum wage for a job that would normally pay $10.50/hr. It's all tied to quality and volume and attendance.

I've made a good career with ACS, and I now work from home in shorts and flip-flops. Pay was cut recently by 4% for managers and analysts but not for frontline staff. That's happening all over, even in State employees. On a whole, things have worked out very well.
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