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From Lexington, Ky — 07/09/2008

I have worked at ACS for over 3 years now, starting out on Leestown Rd then and now working at home. First, the one thing you need to know about ACS is that is should stand for Always Changing Stuff. There will be so many different opinions about this company because each department/project is truly different. When I worked on Leestown Rd we had a great supervisor, a great team and income was only limited by the speed in which you typed. Job security is not great, because projects are always being sent overseas to those who do the work for cheaper. I do agree with ACS being a big gossip center, but with that many people in one place what can you expect.
Supervisors truly make or break your experience with ACS. The great project I had once worked for on Leestown Rd was taken over by a different supervisor and litterly everybody but one person was bailing out of that department left and right.
Alot of "advancement" does seem to be on who you know and who you hang out with after work. Now I work at home. The environment is of course better, due to no drama at the workplace. Communication is pretty good I must say. Again we got a new supervisor, J.B., and whew she is a handful. It seems like she is always negative and does not know how to communicate well in her words.
This job at home doesn't pay as well as when i worked in office but then again i dont have to pay for gas $ or listen to the office drama either, so it's a good fit for me.
Bottom line, if you are ok with being switched from one project to another, having the ways in which things are to be done always changing, and you never know from one day to the next if your project will be sent oversees this is the place to be. In all fairness, ACS has so much work that there will always be a place/another project you can go to if you are a good worker...just the pay can change dramatically from one project to the next.
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