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From NJ — 10/29/2009

It's sad to see that so many people were disappointed with AT but I guess it depends on the location and the manager (recruiter) that you deal with. I'm in NJ. I signed up with Office Team (also a division of Robert Half Int.) few years ago and never got any job offers - why? Because I didn't have much experience to match what they were looking for. They are pretty strict when it comes to qualifications. But now, after few years later, I updated my profile with them, went for new tests and got a first assignment within 3 months. It was a dream job so I hated having to leave it (that sucks about temping). But the awesome thing that came out of it was that the employer gave me very good references and now they are going crazy trying to find me a new assignment. Of course I had to do my part and contacted various offices by phone. My assingment ended last Friday. Today is Thursday. I've contacted 4 offices by now. I had one interview yesterday - didn't get the job but that's okay. I have another one today and the guy said that if they like me I can start as soon as tomorrow which would be awesome.

So here are few tips from me to help you land a job with AT.
1. There's usually no responses if you apply online. You have to call. And don't call just one office. Call multiple offices that cover the areas you're interested in. Even if the job you saw online is already filled (and they fill super quickly), they will keep you in mind and might call you back.
2. Don't even bother looking at positions over a week old or the ones that you clearly don't qualify for.
3. Score well on their tests. I got 100% on the Quickbooks test and I think that's why I got that first opportunity which was exactly what I needed.
4. Update your status with them. Call them every few weeks to let them know you're still looking for a job. Ask them for their email address and send them your resume.
5. Be awesome on temporary assingments. I feel like I'm a super valuable asset to them right now as the offices are competing against each other trying to snatch me into a job. It's only because I did a great job on my assingment and that's exactly the type of people they're looking for.

Their benefits - they offer some but there are certain restrictions as to how many weeks you work and the premium is still pretty expensive.

The pay - not bad and it all depends on your qualifications. I stuck to my guns and said I won't go below $15 and that's the jobs they're trying to get me now. I actually got a look at the statement of how much they charge the employer and was amazed. My previous assignment, they charged the employer $10 more than what they paid me. Wow. I'm pretty sure they didn't want me finding out how much money they were making on me but it does give you a pretty nice picture of how much the employer is willing to pay for you so if you get a permanent offer, you know what to ask for.

Good luck in your job search.
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