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From IL — 12/30/2009

I worked for Accenture for a while and was laid off last year due to the horrible economic climate. I applied for this company without knowing what the company really did (I had never heard of them before I applied) and with a background in the humanities. As I went through the interview process - three phone interviews and then the on site interviews - I was impressed by the professionalism of all those I interacted with and by Accenture's reputation. People with a business / engineering background were amazed that someone with my background was actually going through the interview process. When I received the job offer and looked at my compensation package, I accepted it without any hesitation.

Someone wrote on another post that you're expected to sink or swim on your assignments - this is so true. And I just couldn't swim with the rest of my team. I was put on a tech assignment - after telling the analysts interviewing me that I was NOT tech savvy, had a difficult time learning new programs and that I really believed I was not a good fit for that role. I was told that business dictates everyone's roles and was forced on to this assignment. It was the worst year of my life. No matter how much I tried, I just couldn't keep up with the work. I would routinely skip my lunch hour (would eat in less than 15 minutes) and work as much as I could, and I was still given more work to do. I started to develop health problems, and seriously thought about just quitting, without any other job lined up.

I was finally "rolled off" the project - someone finally figured out this wasn't working out. I should have said something earlier but did not want to seem as someone who couldn't hack it. My other roles (all very short) were just extremely boring. I tried to spend more time in the office, whenever I could, to "develop my network". As a newbie, I was very nervous about approaching others, but I spoke to some other consultants and they introduced me to many managers, senior managers and partners (via email or in person). Nobody was too busy to speak to me for a couple of minutes and everybody was more than willing to offer me advice or introduce me to someone else who they thought could help. I even had lunch with senior managers and had the opportunity to ask many questions.

HR, for the most part, was great. I had only one horrible experience with an HR rep who wouldn't return my emails or calls, but the others reps I spoke to were extremely helpful. As for the other consultants / analysts / SM's..., the majority of people that I met were incredible. All were intelligent and some were more helpful than others. I met some people that I would gladly never see again, but for the most part, people at that company were great.

I miss the people, but definitely not the work.

Pay - I know some people have complained we were underpaid for the work we did, and while I agree to with that to a certain extent, Accenture paid me much, much more than any other job for which I applied.

Respect - In my experience, people were respectful of each other.

Benefits - Benefits were great!

Job Security - Terrible. Being on the bench is horrible - especially when you're told that if you don't find something soon, you'll be laid off. Even when you're on a role, you have to constantly be on the lookout for the next great role. Roles, in my opinion, were dependent on your network, and as mine was small since I was still new, I knew I was screwed.

Work / Life Balance - It's a joke. There is no work / life balance.

Career Potential / Growth - I wouldn't know.

Location - Do not join this company, or any other consulting firm, if you do not want to travel.

Co-worker Competence - All were intelligent, and some were jerks.

Work Environment - Depending on the role, completely stressful.
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