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From Chicago — 01/03/2009

I write this review with sadness in my heart. I will be resigning from Accenture in a week. To start with let me say I am in the consulting workflorce as a manager. Everything I have read here is true to some degree. I am positive toward Accenture and I enjoyed working here from a couple of perspectives. One thing that I must say is that the workforce you work for makes a big difference as does your luck in getting on the right project. You must pick the right workforce depending on the life you lead. (ATS is a complete waste of time, don't do it you will be very sorry). It is the India version of US outsourcing and people are treated the same way and the level of competance is shocking. Consulting in my opinion is the best place to be but be aware of the following 1) You will not see your family and you will have no life 2) You will work VERY hard 3) Home is where ever you latest project is.
Having said that, on the good side 1) You will not find a more interesting job 2) You will not find a job that teaches you more in a short period of time 3) There are some great people at accenture.

My personal issue is work life balance. However, I am not going to complain about it because I signed up for it. PEOPLE, WE ARE WORKING FOR A CONSULTING COMPANY. No one lied to you about that. You just saw what you wanted to see when you joined.

I really HATE the spam emails Accenture send to their employees on a daily basis. Unfortunately they are always coming from different addresses which means I can junk mail them without killing the one in a hundred important emails. Another thing I hate is the idea that you must belong to some I don't have enough work to do and when I get half a chance I will spend it with my family. Accenture needs to localize these activities based on project not home work location or workforce.

The only advice I can give anyone is be sure that your non work life style will jive with what you are getting yourself into. They are not going to hide this from you so be sure not to hide it from yourself.

I wish all my accenture peers the best in the future and I think in general (at least in terms of consulting companies you are in good hands). For new people looking to join ACN, this will be the best or worst thing you have ever done depending on what you are looking for.

The one thing I can say.......there is not one day that will be the same as the last.
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