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From Minneapolis, MN — 07/25/2008

I transitioned to Accenture when the company that I worked for decided to outsource the entire department. First, Accenture took on all of the current employees, granted many left before the transition, but they did not have to do this. One year later they did lay off many of the support staff. I really did not have to work much overtime even though there were many that did. I was able to get a signifant raise and promotion within my first year as an Accenture employee. All in all my experience was a nice one. I left simply because I needed a change and new challenge.
I really feel in general that any company can be good to work for and that same company can be bad. It really comes down to what you work to get out of your job and the people you work with. I can see why some people have poor experiences but a lot also have very good experiences such as I did. There are some days that I wish that I would never have left. If you are considering working for Accenture ask the direct questions...what is expected of you, how many hours are expected, what is your management style and so forth. An interview really is an interview by the employer to you and you to the employer, ask questions that are important to you and your situation.
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