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From Chicago, IL — 06/24/2008

One thing to remember about ACN is that everybody is on a different project, and that your experience with the company varies wildly based on project. I've been fortunate enough to get good projects, and they do exist--40 hours a week, interesting work, nice people to work with. You could also get on a badly managed project that works you to death with a bunch of boring crap to do; I know one guy that had to drive to the Chicago suburbs every day (4 hour round trip commute!) to do software testing for 10 - 12 hours a day, three months straight. But now he's on a great project in the heart of downtown Manhattan and loving it. Be ready for variety.

I get 25 days a year of paid vacation and that is fantastic. There is the risk of getting screwed out of a promotion or raise, but if you work hard and make friends, you'll do fine. This is a company that expects a lot, but tries to reward you for the effort you put in. You could do a lot worse.
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