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From NY — 02/06/2008

alot of people complain about accenture, but honestly, i have come to the conclusion that most of the ppl who do are not very competent at what they do, and lack social skills to survive.
yes, it is the real world. you have to perform at a high level, and at the same time your manager must love you and back you up come review time. what do you expect though?
accenture has people with great personality, and has committed itself to having a very diverse workforce. work/life balance is really not that bad. yes, you travel to the client site on the weekdays, but you still get to work from home on fridays. also, career potential is extremely high in the consulting workforce. it is actually so high that if you do not perform, get cut. so yes, its competitive, but if your young, smart, and thrive in this type of environment, you will like it alot
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