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From Vancouver, BC — 07/14/2010

In my role as a developer and technical team lead I work with a talented group of developers and QA, and a good set of peers in other groups. The people in Development at Absolute are mostly verg good, with only a few difficult people in other groups we must work work. These people seem to be protected by one or more of the CXOs and hence can't be replaced with someone better.

The company technology is great. It is clever, cool, and interesting to work on. My group is always feeling challenged, but not overwhelmed, which is a result of good management in Dev. Our VP is a very solid, very experienced, and genuinely nice person to work with and he shields us all from a lot of the bullshit from his bosses (the CXOs). He's always accessible and clearly cares about the group. Our director of QA is a solid person too, who stresses quality above all. Our product has improved dramatically in quality and capabilities because of these two, and it is a great team to work for.

Above our VP there's a bunch of personalities that are questionable at best. A mix of greed, stupidity, and pig headedness is the overall trait of the CEO and CFO, who both think they know more than anyone and refuse to listen to dissenting opinions. Instead of learning from developers who know what they talk about, these two listen to asskissers in the group who they protect and promote.

In development we're isolated from the rest of the company to a large degree by residing on a different floor, and the work environment is good. We have first class equipment and software, free pop and coffee, and I suspect our VP would approve anything within reason. We got a big-screen TV to watch the Olympics in the office! Our pay is competitive but most of us have not seen pay increases in two years, and no bonuses have been issued. Morale is a mix.

Overall, Absolute is a really cool company to work with, but without our solid QA director and VP Dev I suspect it would be a lot worse. We had a procession of mediocre leaders before they both arrived and many thought of leaving, but the poor economy kept most of us here. If we could replace the CEO and COO, Absolute would be a really great company. As it is, it's a great place to work, but not a place to enjoy 100%.
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