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From Columbia, South Carolina — 06/02/2010

I worked as a sales associate througout HS and college, and was promoted to Store Manager after I graduated college. You will work long hours, have very little time off (none on holidays), and will not get much respect with A&F on a resume. (I know this because my other employers have told me so.) As a sales associate, you pretty much fold clothes and BS for $5-$7 and hour. You will work with some cool people and not-so cool people.

From a managment standpoint, its basically a dog & pony show once a week when your District Manager decides to show up. The DM will walk around with a sheet pointing out the flaws in your strore, as well as your no-so good looking sales Reps. (One former DM referred to some of our brand reps as "Scary Larrys" and once asked "Who hired Harry F*cking Potter?) The DM's who were former managers seemed to be brainwashed by home office and forget what its like to acutally manage, not just look for dust or missing size stickers. We actually even switched the black & white photos in the store with black & white photos of our store employees and managers and the DM failed to notice for over 3 months. Conference calls are long and boring...usually the same answers each day. Other SMs and ASMs would actually place bets on what motivational tactic would be offered to drive sales.

I worked both before and after the implementation of "The Program", which micro-manages your day into 5 min increments. Prior to "the Program", you actually had to make a schedule based on hours given, delegate tasks to managers, etc. Basically, it separated the good managers from the poor managers. Then came the Program, which was a clipboard of garbage to mold each manager from the same cookie-cutter. Any good manager knows to make sure the store has adequate coverage, but according to the program the floor supervisor is supposed to do counter-clockwise figure 8's every 10 mins.

The Pay is average for a store manager, but my assistants were paid about $4000-6000 less, and thanks to the overtime, received only half of their hourly pay for any hour over $40. Pay for sales reps has gotten better, but is still poor. 25-cent raises are offered to about half of the sales staff. Performance reviews for management is a complete joke. We had a realignment within our district and didnt have a DM for 5 months, and a person I had never met did my review.

The Benefits are good, but are rarely used because most of the employees are single and under 30.

Job security is so-so. If you're hoping that this job will be a springboard for bigger and better things, good luck! Unless you work in a bigger city, you won't move up. If you work in a small city or college town, you're there till you quit...

Overall, this company will offer the fun and exciting lifestyle, and thats exactly what it will take from you. The most you will take away is friendships with the people you work with because they will basically become your family.
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