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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From Florida — 08/30/2009

I'll go through the specific areas first. Pay is about on level with any retail job if not better than the other stores in most malls. As a manager, they expect you to work lots of hours at relatively low pay however the job is completely outlined for you and as long as you follow your manager checksheets your good.

Respect: at Hollister, working with teenagers is both a blessing and a curse. Some truly care about the job but I found that the most time consuming employees to manager were the 20-somethings that had nothing but part time jobs and an ego to boot. As long as you give respect, you'll get it period.

Benefits: as far as benefits, the package is great. Dental and health were offered and vision was added around the time I left. The 401k package has good contributions from ANF and I opted for the stock options.

Job Security: the way we were taught, the only way to move up was to recruit your replacement so getting MIT's was always a priority but I never thought my job was in danger. You have to really work at getting fired, IE sleeping with part-timers, LP issues, or drugs etc etc etc.

Work/Life Balance: Expect to work 40-45 hours a week, most ANF managers hang out when off the clock. When holidays come, the chains come out and the hours go through the roof. Don't expect to see any family if they live a considerable distance away from your store.

Career Potential/Growth: The biggest leap is from store manager to district. I've known people at the assistant level for years as well as the store manager levels. I was told if I didn't make store manager in 2 years, I shouldn't look to move anywhere up the line. As far as manager turnover is concerned, you'll make SM in about a year. But look on the 3-5 year time horizon for becoming a district manager.

Location: Tons of stores in tons of locations, all willing to hire you. Pick where you want to live and more likely than not their will be some ANF presence.

Co-worker Competence: I stereotype when I say this, but most store level managers with ANF probably didn't have much to go with once they finished college. The economy was horrible when I joined and they were the only business hiring so it was a surefire way to get into a position. That said, a lot of part-timers are self absorbed and look at you funny when you expect them to work (fold clothes, interact with customers, etc) and a lot of managers seem to have a real dull mental edge.

Work Environment: The dark, loud, and smell of the Hollister cave didn't bother me. I enjoyed the music so I gave it a 5.

As for hiring, I know that looks played an important role. But seeing the many people that complained about ANF on this board, I'm surprised that I didn't hear about more law suits. Store managers are expected to actively recruit because we are told to get the best looking people to work for the stores. District managers grade the stores on how handsome and beautiful the models are, but if you have a DM that gives a damn about you and you work hard to make them look good, they will give you good reviews.

All-in-all, the job is laid out in front of you, the pay is decent, the benefits great. Part-timers are not treated the best, but it is a part-time job, your not their to make money. If your looking for ANF stores to hire you as an associate (model/impact) and to get a ton of hours, prepare to be horribly disappointed.
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