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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From WA — 07/28/2009

I have worked at A&F for almost 2 years as a part-time model (the title for sales associates who work out front rather than the stock room) employee. I only work once or twice a week by choice so take that into consideration when reading this review.

Pay: Minimum wage. I don't work at A&F to substantially supplement my income and I have another "serious" job that pays better.

Respect: As long as you treat the people around you with respect you will receive it. I have had some less friendly managers, but they were still civil. I have never had a problem with any of my co-workers and I've found that as long as you do your job instead of goof off and make at least some effort to be friendly you will be well received.

Benefits: As a part-time worker I don't receive benefits however I do get the general discount of 30% off anything full price in the store as well as 50% off select items (typically two tops and one bottom)when the floorset changes. Unfortunately, the colors and styles for the 50% off items are chosen by the home office and typically reflect choices in a range of three colors: gray, white and navy blue.

Job Security: I agreed to apply because I was assured I could work one day out of the week without fear of losing the job at anytime because of my low amount of hours and that has remained true throughout the nearly 2 years I have been with the company. I always have a shift on the day I said I was available and I've never had worries that I would be fired.

Work/Life Balance: I usually only work one day out of the week so it does not really affect my life, but some of my co-workers complain that they have too many shifts. If it gets to be too much it's really easy to change your availability or even easier to quit.

Career Potential/Growth: You can advance to a manager position if you have a college degree, but I would not recommend it as managers seem both overworked and underpaid. In addition, there seems to be a more stringent "look" requirement as one of my coworkers was rejected from the MIT position she applied for and one of my managers confided that it was most likely because the interviewers did not think she was attractive enough.

Location: Big mall, clean, safe, no complaints.

Co-Worker Competence: They are all capable of being competent it is just a matter of whether they choose to exercise that capability. My favorite coworkers are the ones that are friendly and work hard as opposed to the ones that frequently just stand around talking.

Work Environment: Customers complain about the strong cologne scent, dark lighting, and loud music, but it does not bother me. After having worked at A&F for this long I do not even take notice those things when I walk in for my shift.
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