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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Boston, MA — 04/30/2009

Pay: Minimum wage for just being a sales associate. I mean I would like better than 8 bucks and hour but really, the job is so easy.

Respect: If you give a sense of respect toward your managers you will receive it back. Plain and simple, its part of their job to give us lame stuff to do, don't complain like a brat, instead make them laugh, listen to them vent and you will find yourself on their good side. So then, you can get away with making fun of them like calling them retarded, without having them hate you.

Benefits:30% discount at your home store/ triple A's after every floor set, which is fine I rarely spend money of my paycheck at ANF.

Job Security:I feel secure. The fact that I can leave for summer and than know i have a place when i get back to school. They always seem to need people.

Work/Life Balance: Can't complain, scheduling hours is based on our availability.

Career Potential/Growth: Well to move up, you need to be either a senior in college going to graduate or have a degree. The MIT program looks pretty legit, I've seen two go through it. I don't really know what occurs from there.

Location: Great location, has all five brands nice mall. 12-15 minutes from my school.

Co-worker Competence: Co-workers are fun, I've met some legit people who are actually not dumb.. though there are those that dont care to interact. My managers are nice and fun to listen to complain about things, but i think its because I'm liked by them, I can see them being very bitchy to other workers but those are workers that tend to not show up for work when scheduled too. Yes there is gossip but only among managers, no need to gossip when you work part time. I hear all the gossip because they just like to vent your ears off when your in the front room, i dont mind tho its entertaining.

Work Environment: I don't find the store dark at all compared to like hollister co, gilly hicks or ruehl. Those are dark places. The music is loud but once your ears adjust its not bad. But customers always comment. The smell of fierce reeks after work, I feel dirty when I smell of it. Once I smell fresh fierce coming from above my head in those rectangular machines I steer clear from it till it stops. Nothing like getting showered with fierce. other than that, i dont mind people watching when im in the front room, the hall of the mall has glass ceiling so i get some sunlight shining through ha.

Overall, I don't mind the job.
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