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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth3
Work Environment1

From Brandon, FL — 04/12/2009

Pay: Pay was pretty good. After they cut us working from 50 to 40 was about 28K a year. They only pay you 1/2 of your hourly "salary" for any over time. Apparently somehow that was legal.

Respect: Hardly any from upper management. SOme from part time associates, unless they were apart of this stupid thing they had called 5 and 5. this was 5 of the best looking guys and 5 of the best looking girls in your store. These people would think they were irreplaceable and do whatever they want. Oh and these people had to be approved. Ha, yes that is part of someone's judge whether or not these people were good looking enough to represent your store.

Benefits: Nothing to complain about if you were pt benefits

Job security: good for the most part

Work/life balance: You are so tired from working and feel like doing nothing. Working in the dark just wears a person out. I left there with a health problem that still persists because of stress.

Career Potential/Growth: They want you to think there is career growth..but really you have to replace yourself. That is the only way to get promoted. You do have to be flexible in relocation

Location: nothing to complain about

Co-worker competence: The person in charge of hiring our managers wouldn't hire people because they didn't look a certain way and left our store in turmoil without any managers. He definitely discriminated. This company is such a joke and caught up in nothing but judging on how people look.

Work environment: Horrible! Loud music and the smell of cologne all shift long. Dark environment. Everything had to be perfect. Its very repetitive. This company is very shallow and really does discriminate against people. I am surprised they aren't sued everyday.
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