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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment4

From daytona beach, florida — 02/26/2009

pay : is not good at all, i started at 7.21 an hour, which is a little below average for my area; my first paycheck was only $59.00 for TWO weeks.

Respect : the respect i got from the managers was very slim compared to the respect you get from your friends, it is pretty cool, a lot of my friends looked up to me because working at A & F sounds like a more glamorous title than it truly is.

benefits: I don't have any other than my 30 % discount on unmarked down items and i get 50 % off 3 items twice a month or so, they call these you're "triple A's" you also get first picks on clearance items. :) ( these are basically the whole reasons i keep this job)

Job security: the job is kind of intimidating if you don't have a lot of self confidence, only because you're forced to work with other naturally pretty people. the managers are very particular about the way you present yourself, and if you don't correspond with their look policy it can end badly.

work/life balance: it's easy to have a life if you only work part time, you pick your own hours.

career growth: there are many chances to move up at a & f, the pay is not really worth it though.

location: I love working in the mall, it's close to everything.

co-worker competence : same as job security.

work environment:i like the smell and lighting of the store the loud music is good, they just keep replaying the same songs over and over, and that can get a bit overbearing.
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