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4.5Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From San Francisco, California — 12/23/2008

Position... part-time model

Pay... is average for the area

Respect... must (and in any case should always) be earned and deserved

Benefits... none but they are excellent for full time employees

Job security... good if i stay handsome (eaaaaasy) and keep working out and getting hotter

Work/life balance... amazingly excellent, so chill and easy to get time off, i can change the schedule on my own i just find someone to take my shifts and change my availability or tell management i need to take off. but it's never even necessary cause people will just snatch up my shifts like hot cakes, and i get offered them all the time too. i can work once a week one week or every day the next week, flexible is a 30 letter word at abercrombie.

career potential/growth: from what i can tell, if you're flawless in your image and behavior and step up, you get promoted. its that easy. catching a thief and cheering up an overworked manager get things moving too, so does sleeping with one, but who wouldn't want to, we're all so hot!

location: great. big store lots of employees in high volume area, never a dull moment

co-worker competence: some are ugly and fat (well like two) but i can't stand them, thats management's fault which pisses me off, i like working here for just that reason no fat no ugly no girly men or manwomen but overall most are very well trained and always help me out, some are total morons but looking pretty takes precedence in favor of studying sometimes and when youre that hot so be it, everyone will always just do things for you anyways so why bother to learn anything besides rolling a blunt or scoring some ass?

work environment: perfect. smells good. looks good. dark and sexy. hot and cozy inside. loud music makes ignoring losers easy. feels like im at a club with my buddies when im at work. people are always telling me i'm hot and good looking, coworkers, management and customers. when i do fitting rooms hot girls flash me and dudes show off too. oh yeah and losers get fired, quickly. so there. and yeah we are all friends. what could be better, discounted cool clothes? oh yeah CHECK!

all we need is higher pay and higher standards!
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