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From FL — 04/09/2008

I've been working as an "impact team member" at AnF since January, and I actually can't believe all the terrible things everyone is saying about this place! Yes, the company is very "look" oriented, but it works- you can't deny that. I absolutely LOVE working here- by far the coolest job I've ever had. I typically work 35-45 hours a week and while the pay could be better, the virtually stress-free work environment makes up for it right now. I've recently started training as a store "stylist", which basically means I will be responsible for making sure the forms look their best and the lighting and fixtures are positioned properly. This is a full time position with benefits and I'm so psyched about it! I plan to style while I get my degree and then move up to a Visual Manager, and eventually get into that home office. I'd like to be in a position where I can help change and shape the company in a positive way. I'd like to see some sort of tuition or scholarship funds to help the kids that do work in the store get through school. I also want to find out the conditions of the places that actually produce our clothing, and encourage a great work environment down to even that level. There is a lot of potential with this brand, I'd really like to see it progress to a more eco-friendly corporation. All in all, I am seriously happy about my job and my future with it.
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