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From Maple Grove, Minnesota — 10/08/2010

I've been working as a Model at A&F for almost 2 years now. It's definitely not a bad place to work if your looking for a flexible schedule and a chill atmosphere. You fold clothes to perfection, ring customers up, get annoyed by the same repetitive music, greet customers with obnoxious taglines, and intoxicate customers with their hot ass cologne.

You can basically pick your schedule so if you're in school it's a really great job to have. The location I work at gives you the hours you request and theres always people who ask to cover their shift so there's really no shortage of hours. The atmosphere is energetic and chill at the same time. Coworkers (for the most part) are very friendly and fun. You get to work with beautiful people all day and dance in the front of the store if you like. Management is also very friendly and easy to talk to. They assign you where to go, but kind of let you do your own thing without being overly pushy or annoying. It's a VERY easy job. Your tasks are folding clothes, greeting customers and presenting good customer service. That's all the managers really expect of you. Although most people will tell you working in Womens 1 is no treat. It's not always the funnest thing to tell older or obese people "hey did you know our jeans could make you a star?" Although you're only making min wage, you get a sweet discount of 30% off their clothes. If you love shopping there, the discount is almost worth it. You also, as of recently, get a discount at other stores run by the same company like Hollister Co, Gilly Hicks, Abercrombie, etc.

You only get paid minimum wage which is 7.25 right now. I have not seen anyone get a raise in this company although I've heard it's not impossible. Not to toot my own horn, but my work and customer service is far beyond superior compared to everyone else's and I haven't gotten any recognition other than a few positive comments from time to time. Other than the measely pay, the managers don't have very much backbone. There are coworkers that just talk shit about other people and the managers turn their back to it, even when it becomes verbally abusive to one's face. Shoplifiting is becoming more a problem now then it used to be because managers never do diddly squat except stalk the thieves around the store. People are constantly joining and quitting and managers get promoted every few months. Some managers are more friendly than others, although I've personally never had any problems with any of the managers, they are all very friendly, however it gets annoying when managers bring you things to fold in Womens 1 and forget about you. No one likes staying up there theyre entire shift.

Overall it is a pretty fun place to work if you can withstand the smell, the blasting repetitive music, and monotony of fold the same stuff that just keeps getting destroyed.
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