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From El Paso, TX — 08/27/2010

I have been working for the company for about 4 years and it has been an on and off experience ! When i first started it was great and lots of fun.. . . The manager were really cool and didn't really care much for what was going on. Many of them dated current employees and even hung out with them.
As the year passed it has changed dramatically, you now have to wear certain colors and every weekend you must wear at least one of the triple a's the store has chosen.
Not is the clothing pricy but you don't get paid as much nor do you get scheduled as you would like. If managers really do like you and you work well, you will get a decent amount of hours. Another thing is they tend to schedule 4 hour shifts that way you cannot ask for a break. In general they really don't respect the employees and it is not as much fun as you think.
They constantly nit pick you and see how great looking you are, if you fit in they will always ask to take pictures of you. The only reason i stay is because i am a college student and this job is really flexible ! Once i do graduate i am out the door !
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