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From Toledo, Ohio — 12/28/2009

As far as complaints in other stores, I can't relate to how the managers run them. However, I can speak for management and company policies in the store I work for. I agree with the previous review and I say management has quite a bit of power. But I have been with the company for 8 years and the on ly real concern I have about management is the lack of desire to work WITH employees. The person that said their managers take their deals if they are off that day, should take the responsibility to tell their regional manager what is going on. I have had 12 managers work with me and I can honestly say this has NEVER happened in either store I have worked in. Also, as far as forcing employees to make money and that's all they care about, well sorry but that's called business. Otherr than that I agree with the other things that person said. Management is not open to new ideas and will gladly tell you so. As a current employee, I can say it is a good job just for the benefits;vision,dental,medical, and even offering life insurance now. They want you with the company for a long time. I do agree the pay is bad but, exactly how much work is really done in a given day? If you are a decent salesperson your weekly paycheck will show it (same as any other sales job), the hourly employees can go several hours without having done anything. Overall a decent company to work for not recommended though for the person who can't take orders from the people who helped build the company into an appliance leader in the area.
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