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From alabama — 05/16/2010

I've had a relatively good experience with Aarons so far. I've been there as the Sales and Service manager for 9 months and the owner of the company (we're a franchise) and my GM love me. I've been told by my General Manager who should be promoted to regional manager within 6 months to a year that he wants me to take over his store if and when he gets promoted. the owner has personally told me that I'm a "blue chip" employee. The GM at our store makes just over $100k a year. Yes the hours are kind of crappy but it sure beats working most retail. The job is stressful because it is a constant push to increase sales.

My guess as to why some of these other people are having such a hard time is because the store is not following the pathway and the GM is just lousy. These jobs are performance based. If you perform then you will be promoted. If you aren't getting pay raises and promotions then you are not performing well. For example... since I came to this store at the end of august 09. We have grown by almost 200 customers. therefore, I just received a $2 an hour raise. We just received a $1000 quarterly bonus for hitting all our numbers and my commission is usually an extra $300 a month and could be at least double that but I give about half of my sales to my CSR's. there are also tons of bonuses that employees can earn each month. Easily another $500 a month in bonuses for the sales team and the accounts department can earn $5 or $6k to split every single month if they hit their numbers. So... the money is there if you want to work for it.
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