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From VA — 09/20/2009

I have been with AAA for over 4 years and I cannot believe all the negative reviews in other states. I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the biggest problem I have is co-workers who are not on the same experience level so I am always cleaning up after them. But, that's at any job - there is always a lazy one that you have to nudge. My work environment is great - I have my own office in a branch and I have all the supplies needed to do my job everyday. If I need supplies or support, I receive it. My boss is open to new ideas and promoted me based on one of those ideas that I had. It is nice to work for a company where women are in high-ranking positions such as CEO, Manager, VPs. It really is equal opportunity. If you work hard then you will be rewarded. There is not much growth potential for my position, but we are a relatively small club but I can always apply for a different department if I am ready to move on one day. My pay is decent for my field and I am thankful there were no layoffs in our department this year. I don't think we had any period. There are a lot of long time employees at our club which made me want to work there as well. There is no pension, but you can save up for your 401K. We do have several benefits which are awesome - health/dental, life after one year (free), sick bank (if you donate), free school supplies for employees' children, surprise bonuses ($$$), lots of different wellness programs like Weight Watchers, free massages, yoga, free flu-shots, etc.
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