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From Costa Mesa, CA — 01/18/2010

First off, let me give you my background. I worked for AAA as a field sales agent in one of the district offices and was recently let go for not hitting my monthly auto policy goals. I am/was definitely bitter about being let go but I have since found another job where i have the opportunity to make more than the $75k I was making with AAA. In my three years as an agent i was always in the middle of the pack in terms of production. I wasn't the top agent nor was i the worse. I worked very hard and did my best to be as honest as possible while trying to write the members quality insurance policies that would really protect them and their assets. Reflecting back on my days at the Auto Club I'm pretty sure that if i had stayed on this same course i could have lasted 20 years working there. My downfall is when i decided to tell upper management my frustrations with the pay plan. I told them that my main goal was to earn high commissions and i wasn't concerned with writing 40 auto insurance policies per month. Our pay was based on quality of business (A, B, or C policies) not quantity. I could write one 5 car (A business) policy and make more than writing ten 1 car (C business) policies. Ask any intelligent sales person and they would tell you they would rather do half the work and make more money than doing twice as much work. Unfortunately- the management team's bonuses are centered around how many policies are written vs. the quality of the business. Obviously- AAA only wants you to write quality business- since the commission incentives are heavily weighted this way. In hindsight, i guess i should have kept my mouth shut like all the other employees, especially considering that AAA is stuck in its old fashioned ways and certainly aren't going to listen to one employee's thoughts on change. I'm thankful for my days with AAA but feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders since i've left. I was constantly pressured to act unethically and had to sit back and watch those who were willing to lie/cheat/steal be heralded as heroes while those who were truthful and honest got left behind. I would recommend AAA as a good starting out point into a career with another company.
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